Optional Programming

Cirque du Soleil Performances: 

Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company that has grown from modest roots in Baie Saint Paul, QU to become the world’s largest theatrical producer. Its productions combine incredible artistry, athleticism, and breathtaking acrobatics.  There is no better place to experience these magnificent productions than in Las Vegas, where there are presently EIGHT different Cirque du Soeil productions currently showing in Las Vegas.   Enjoy these productions at night and attend conference sessions dedicated to Cirque during the day to discuss your experiences with experts in the field. 

ACSUS has arranged for discount group purchases if numbers warrant.  If you wish to purchase tickets through ACSUS, please clearly indicate the name of the production(s) you would like to see, indicate the dates you would like to see them.  ACSUS will determine if sufficient numbers and be in touch with you in early October with final ticket prices and to finalize ticket purchases.

Cirque Productions Documentation

Post-Conference Day Excursions to the South Rim of Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam

South Rim Day Tour:

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and attracts approximately 5 million visitors per year from all corners of the world.  The enormity (about 280 miles long and a mile deep) and tranquility of the canyon is overwhelming.

The best vistas of the Canyon are found on the South Rim, about a four hour drive from Las Vegas. Individuals interested in seeing this spectacular, world famous destination should contact Grand Canyon Tour Company (www.grandcanyontourcompany.com/) directly to arrange a tour.  The public group rate will be announced here shortly (the internet special rate starts at  $78).  The pickup for the tour is at 6:40am at the main entrance of the Tuscany and take you to the tour bus, where you will receive a drink and a snack.  The tour includes lunch and it will drop you off back at the Tuscany by about 10pm. 

For more information, see:  www.viator.com/tours/Las-Vegas/Grand-Canyon-National-Park-Bus-Tour/d684-...

Hoover Dam Day Tour:

The Hoover Dam was constructed during the Great Depression straddles the border between Arizona and Nevada about 30 miles southwest of Las Vegas.  It was constructed to control floods and produce hydroelectric power, and its construction resulted in the creation of Lake Mead, the largest (by volume) reservoir in the United States.  Tours of the facility, and a museum and other exhibits, make this popular tourist destination for approximately a million visitors per year.  Any interested in touring this facility should contact the Grand Canyon Tour Company (www.grandcanyontourcompany.com) directly to make the necessary arrangements.  The tour costs about $35.

Las Vegas Golden Knights - NHL hockey franchise

The National Hockey League has recently issued a franchise to the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the 2017-2018 NHL hockey season has just been released (June 2017).  The Las Vegas Golden Knights will be hosting two home games in the week of our conference.  On Tuesday, October 17th they will play the Buffalo Sabres and on Saturday, October 21st they will play the St. Louis Blues.  Seats will sell for between $55 and $100.  Anyone interested in attending either of these games should email Munroe Eagles (eagles@buffalo.edu) or Andrew Holman (a2holman@bridgew.edu). 



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