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The Enders Symposium on Canada-United States Relations

For approximately two decades the Thomas O. and Gaetana Enders Foundation has sponsored biennial Symposia at which scholars, journalists, policy analysts, businesspeople, and other experts in Canadian-American relations come together to share insights and experiences.  In the past, participants in these Symposia have published their analyses in our Association's scholarly journal, The American Review of Canadian Studies (ARCS).  

For the first time, the proceedings of the 2017 Enders Symposium on Canada-United States relations was videotaped in its entirety.  ACSUS is grateful to the Enders Foundation for providing the financial support not only to hold the symposium but also to have it captured on video.  These videos have been uploaded onto Youtube and are available for viewing by anyone who is interested. We hope they find the wide audience that they deserve.

The 2017 Enders Symposium on Canada-United States Relations

This year's Symposium was organized by David N. Biette, former ACSUS Executive Director who is now with the Council for State Governments. It took place Thursday, October 19th, 2017, as part of the 24th ACSUS Biennial conference held in Las Vegas, NV.  Reflecting the conference's broad theme of "Celebrating Canada's Sesquicentennial Journey," the Symposium's three panels took stock of the evolution of the relationship over the past 150 years, looked ahead to its future beyond 2017, and finally, explored the challenges facing Canadian journalist who cover American politics. 

The three panels and their URL links are as follows:

First Enders Panel –https://youtu.be/Euv8xadmU_E

Moderated by Carol Higham (UNC Charlotte), panelists Irene Bloemraad (UC Berkeley), Tamara Woroby (Johns Hopkins, SAIS), and David Massell (University of Vermont) discuss aspects of Canada-US relations over Canada's first 150 years. 

Second Enders Panel – https://youtu.be/axxJ1breWuY

Moderated by Antonia Maioni (McGill), panelists Sarah Goldfeder (Earnscliffe Strategy Group), Jim Dickmeyer (Woodrow Wilson Center), and Pierre Martin (Université de Montréal) discuss the current and future prospects for Canada-US relations.  

Third Enders Panel - https://youtu.be/7NumwvPNl2g

Moderated by Christopher Sands (Johns Hopkins, SAIS) and David Biette (Council of State Governments), keynote speaker Lee-Anne Goodman, former Washington correspondent for Canadian Press) reflects on the challenges facing Canadian journalists who cover American politics. 



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