Deadline: August 01, 2021
The ACSUS Distinguished Dissertation Award is awarded to a successful nominee's dissertation which represents original work that makes a significant contribution to the nominee's discipline and to the study of Canada.
Deadline: October 01, 2021
The Donner Medal in Canadian Studies is presented biennially by ACSUS for distinguished achievement, scholarship and program innovation in the area of Canadian Studies in the United States.
Deadline: March 31, 2022
The ACSUS-Enders Graduate Fellowship in Canada-US Relations enables successful candidates to spend 4-6 weeks at a Canadian university, research site or business other than their own conducting research related to their thesis, dissertation or graduate work in the field of Canadian Studies.
The George Sulzner Award For Outstanding Service recognizes the efforts of people whose contributions to ACSUS may not have been previously recognized but who have made a lasting contribution to the success of its mission.
Deadline: September 01, 2021
The Jeanne Kissner Undergraduate Award in Humanities recognizes an undergraduate essay that presents a scholarly exploration of any Canadian studies theme.
Deadline: November 01, 2021
ICCS grants are meant to facilitate the renewal of the community of Canadianists by supporting the work of young scholars, enabling successful candidates to spend 4-6 weeks at a Canadian university or research site other than their own doing research related to their thesis or dissertation in the field of Canadian Studies.
Deadline: October 01, 2023
The Rufus Z. Smith Award is presented to the individual (or individuals) who is deemed to have written the best article in ARCS during the two years prior to the biennial conference at which it is presented. Nomination letters should be sent to:
Deadline: September 01, 2021
The Martin Lubin Undergraduate Award in the Social Sciences was created in honor of the late Martin Lubin, Professor at SUNY Plattsburgh, who passed away in September 2011.