CFP - Beyond Munro and Atwood: Other Voices in Canadian Women's Writing

With the recent critical and commercial success of the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, and the newly released adaptation of Alias Grace, myriad audiences are (re)discovering Canadian Margaret Atwood. This rediscovery follows on the heels of Alice Munro’s 2013 Nobel prize for literature, and suggests that conditions are favourable for reinvigorating an interest in Canadian women’s writing that goes beyond the established, now-canonical writers like Atwood and Munro. Canadian women’s writing is indeed a flourishing field and the impressive number of women writing in Canada at the present time and the diversity of their backgrounds reflect the multicultural mosaic that makes up the country today and underscores the need for these other women’s voices to be heard and explored (McPherson xviii).

An edited volume is planned to address a number of issues raised by 'traditional' Anglo and Francophone authors, but also minority writers. If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please submit a 300-word abstract (including title, institutional affiliation, and brief biography – maximum 100 words) by July 15, 2018. We welcome abstracts in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese, but final contributions will be in English. Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated by August 31, 2018. Once abstracts have been selected, a proposal will be submitted to a scholarly press. Completed articles will be expected by January 31, 2019  and will be peer-reviewed before the final selection. Articles should not have been previously published.

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