Inroads journal online

In the summer, Inroads 47 converted from a print journal to an online only journal and is now distributed free to all readers. You can download the summer/fall issue by going to this link:   
The next issue will be out by mid-November, following the U.S. election, and will include a number of articles. For example,  Derek Shearer, who has observed his society as scholar, political activist and government official, provides a personal account of what it has meant to be white in America from the 1950s to the present. In a major report, immigration expert Anne Michèle Meggs shows that the manner in which immigrants enter Canada bears little relationship to government policy. The issue also explores drug policy; “cancel culture” and the polarization of political discussion; “deaths of despair” in Canada’s Indigenous communities, and why the CCF/NDP, once Saskatchewan’s natural governing party, has fallen off the map. There are also book reviews and more.
To receive free access to future issues of the journal, please contact Inroads circulation manager, Frances Boylston, at with a request to add your contact information to the Inroads distribution list.