Robarts Centre 2023-24 Visiting Professorship at York University

The Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies invites applications for the 2023-2024 Robarts Visiting Professorship at York University (Toronto, Ontario).The Professorship is open to full-time (tenured or tenure-track) faculty members who have demonstrated scholarly expertise on Canada and a commitment to Canadian Studies, who are based outside the country, and who would like to work on a joint research project with one or many Robarts Centre Faculty Associate(s). Candidates who are planning to go on sabbatical or other leave during 2023-2024 will be given priority.

The Professorship will provide the selected faculty member with $2500 CAD in funding to cover travel and accommodations costs while in residence.** Visitors will also be offered office space in the Centre for the duration of the visit, and they will have access to York Libraries. The Archives of Ontario and the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections are also located on campus, and the Environment Canada Library is nearby. The Robarts Centre is also host to the secretariat of the International Council for Canadian Studies.

* The residency of the selected candidate and access to York University campuses will be partly determined and potentially limited by ongoing public health measures.
**PLEASE NOTE Visitors will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation related expenses incurred, up to $2500 CAD, upon completion of the visit, in accordance with York University travel reimbursement policy.

Application requirements:

  1. A current CV;
  2. A statement from the candidate on how residency at the Robarts Centre will facilitate this research trajectory and your preference for timing (maximum 250 words);
  3. A statement on the proposed joint research project with one or many Robarts Centre Faculty Associate(s) (maximum 250 words); and;
  4. A letter of support from the York full-time faculty member/Robarts Centre Faculty Associate with whom the research project will be conducted.

Applications should be sent to the Robarts Centre at

The application deadline is March 10, 2023.

For more information, call 416-736-5499, email, or visit here